Hello bloggers! How are you today?

Μια φίλη μου μου εφτιάξε την κοτσίδα ψαροκόκαλο και είναι τέλεια!

My amazing friend have made me a fishbone hair braid. I love it


A for Athens

Hello bloggers!

Επιτέλους τελείωσα την εξεταστική(οχι οτι διάβαζα και πολύ απλά επρέπε να πάω να γραψώ haha) Σήμερα πήγα στο A for Athens που έχει φανταστική θέα σε όλη την πανέμορφη Αθήνα! Full ζέστη αλλά αγαπώ την Αθήνα

Finally I  have finished the exams in the university! Today I went to a cafeteria-coctail bar here in the center that it is called A for Athens which has fantastic view across the beautiful Athens! The weather here  is too hot but I love Athens Cannot wait to go on holidays by the way!

Here are some photos that we have taken:)



I simply love cats! Since I was little I remember myself having cats in the house:) I have five cats right now and I love them all. I cannot explain the love that I have for the cats and for the animals. I love also dogs but right now I can't have one because it needs a lot of care and the cats are more independent. I wish I could have in my house a tiger or a lion!

I love you
The mother of the kittens!




Instagram is the application I use the most! I love it but it kills my iPhone battery!^^