Hello bloggers!

Sorry for the late update, απλά τρέχω όλη μέρα! Πηγαίνω σχολή για να βρώ κάποιες σημειώσεις γιατι τώρα που αρχίζει η εξεταστική, είπα να γίνω καλή φοιτήτρια:p Επίσης έχω κάθε μέρα πρόβες στον χορο, γιατι σήμερα έχουμε παράσταση and cannot wait! Tell me about you! How was your weekend?

Sorry for the late update but I was really busy! Those last days I was going to the university to find some notes before the exams starts. I have also everyday dance rehearsal because tonight is our show and I am very excited!! What about you?  How was you weekend?

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  1. my weekend was pretty boring... and wow that photo is amazing!!! :O